Shipping the package

Unless there are circumstances arising from the customization of the products, or unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances occur, we will send you the order consisting of the product / s listed in each Shipment Confirmation within the period indicated according to the selected shipping method that we detail to continuation.

If you place your order before 2:00 p.m. and it goes to the peninsula, you will receive it within the next five days, if it goes outside the peninsula, it will take two more days. These deadlines are very general and will normally be shorter in practice.

Normally deliveries are made in the afternoon if not specified otherwise and usually deliveries will be made from Monday to Friday.

It is extremely important to specify the mobile number to avoid confusion at home or absences that make delivery impossible.

In the confirmation email of your order you will receive a link to follow up. If you have any problem or delay please write to us at the indicated email or by WhatsApp.

Shipping costs are free on purchases over € 45 as long as it is a national shipment within the peninsula.

Shipments to Portugal, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands:

To guarantee delivery as soon as possible we need you to give us your ID, mobile number and your full name when filling in your information and check the transport rates since they are somewhat more expensive and differentiate between capitals and the rest in the Islands.

Shipments to Europe and the rest of the world

We ship worldwide, but we also advise you to check the transport rates and consider a few more days of transit until the delivery of your order.