Where do ideas come from? How is a company born? Of course, of entrepreneurship and of a person's dream. This is how BB Collection was born from the inspiration of Brenda Barbosa, artistic director and CEO of the brand who, from a young age in her native Colombia, envisioned having her own line of fashions that would make the women of the world feel special.

After traveling and studying in the United States and Canada, Brenda settled in Madrid where she gave her career a boost and launched BB Collection in collaboration with Ben Valero, a renowned businessman with extensive experience in business organization and development.

The BB spirit is based on family, friends, young people and helping them believe that dreams are possible if you have confidence and work with discipline and perseverance to make them come true.

BB aims to help and positively impact the environment, using environmentally friendly materials and offering training and employment to independent women who dream of a better future. This is how jobs have been created at the level of Creation, Design, Administration, Modeling, Marketing and Communication, with a highly qualified and female team.

BB Collection wants women to create their own lifestyle and grow in self-esteem, keeping in mind that they have a very important role in society and should feel like a fundamental part of their development.

BB products were born seeking to empower them to feel beautiful from within. That they are able to go out day by day to face the challenges that the world imposes on them knowing that they are beautiful, comfortable and unique.

Our products are entirely of manual manufacture made with organic and personalized fabrics. Is that customization is one of our references, offering the special service of engraving messages on garments.

First it was America, then Europe, starting with Spain, then who knows. BB is willing to diversify, grow and open to new markets on the continent and other borders. It is that from the hand of the dream and the work of a group of women and a visionary man, anything is possible.